“My Name is Vasthi”

The story is about a young lady, named Vasthi, who flew away from her hometown in Ambon, capital city of Moluccas, to Jakarta to continue her education.

Vasthi is a bright student, and due to her excellent achievement in high school, she received a scholarship from the local government. Her parents, especially her mother, was initially disagree with this educational plan since they have arranged a traditional marriage bonding between Vasthi and her childhood friend, Lodijk who  is rich and posses a violent behavior.

During her stay in Jakarta, Vasthi resided with one of Lodijk’s relative where she was watched over and all her activities were being reported to Lodijk.

On one fine day, Vasthi met up with a guy named Ronald, who is also studying in the same university. They fell in love and dated for almost three and a half-year. Lodijk was overwhelmed with jealousy hence he waited until Vasthi’s graduation day to take her away from Ronald. The two lovers were split up.

One year later, Vasthi, who is now dedicated her life to preserve the marine ecology of Banda Neira and promote education for young woman in the region, meet up again with her unbreakable love, Ronald, who is now positioned in the region by his employer.

Sensing the situation, Lodijk takes a big step by proposing for Vasthi, but she refused him. Feeling upset, the jealous Lodijk organized crime toward Vasthi’s family, which in the end leading him to prison.

The story is closing by the reunion of the two lovers, Vasthi and Ronald, and finish up with their wedding ceremonial party.


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