“The Two Sides of Tiara’s Heart”

This is a story about Tiara, a top radio announcer in Jakata, whose heart was contested by Edo and Frank.

Edo, a handsome Indonesia young man, was her college friend who owned a small but nice café in Jakarta; while Frank, a German guy, is working as young professional in London.

Tiara was sent by her boss to attend a short course program in London, where she met Frank, and left the poor guy Edo with no enough chance to express his feeling for her.

Brought up with strong traditional values, and considering her parents favoritism toward Edo, Tiara realized that it could be no future for her relationship with Frank. But that’s a chance she has to take.

The broken hearted Edo is finally pulling himself back from Tiara’s life, but before he went out he intimidated Tiara that he will win her heart back to him no matter what. But Tiara was fearless enough to challenge him back.

Two years later, Tiara, who is now the wife of Frank and just delivering of their baby, has to re-encounter with Edo at the hospital…


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