My First Cortado @ Flight Coffee, NH

Last Sunday I was visiting Flight Coffee in Dover, New Hampshire, with my niece. The coffee tastes fantastic and the desserts too!


Me & my 2 yo grand niece

I ordered one Cortado and one Hot Mocha that cost me $8 in total.

A Cortado is a mix of a strong, black Espresso with a tiny portion of milk.


Cortado & Mocha

Didn’t they look exquisite? And when I take a small sip, they create a delightful feeling inside my mouth. Superb!

So the price is right.

Besides coffee (and tea), the coffee shop also provides desserts, entertainment – guitars and toys-for-kids, and of course facilities – from sugar, honey, utensils to free wifi and restroom.


Flight coffee – interior 1



Flight Coffee – interior 2

Their coffee mainly came from Ethiopia (Africa) and Sumatra (Indonesia).


Flight Coffee – interior 3


Pictures taken by: Priska Margriet Radja Haba


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