Ground Chicken Meatball

So yesterday I had ground chicken (1 oz) in my fridge, it was 5 PM with nearly everybody complained about hungriness – as if they weren’t eating any breakfast or lunch before; and they even had snack box in their closets!

Well, I had no choice besides searching for online recipe made from ground chicken, and I found this recipe from Natasha:

Serve: 5 – 7 people

It was taken me less than sixty minutes to prepare, cook, and serve the dish. Did I make variation? Yes, for example:

  • I mixed the dish with 3 potatoes (cut into small pieces).
  • I used Parsley flakes, instead of fresh Parsley.
  • I used 1 medium egg, instead of large egg.

And it was still SUPER DELICIOUS!

So, enjoy the cooking the recipe and don’t be afraid of being creative!


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