Tilapia, part II

After I solved my Tilapia dilemma, I become acquainted with this fish - read: frozen Tilapia fish. So today I try to bake the fish using Indonesian easy homemade spices. Serve: 6 - 8 people (2 meal) Ingredients: 2 packs of frozen Tilapia fillet (@ 56 oz). For spices, blend: 5 cloves garlic + 1 big clove … Continue reading Tilapia, part II


Sometimes, I miss the ‘old me’

Back in Jakarta, I was an HR professional for more than 10 years, HR/business consultant for 5 years, and management lecturer for more than 5 years; and now, here I am, a writer/blogger who loves to juggling around the kitchen, reading books and watching movies... I don't regret...but sometimes I just miss the 'old' version … Continue reading Sometimes, I miss the ‘old me’

When God is All That I Can Hope For…

I was born and raised a Christian, although my parents are not  a devout Christian. Yes we went to church, celebrate Christmas and many more but didn'the live a life of a true Christian; by this I mean live according to the Biblical standards. I myself found it difficult to totally surrender to God, even … Continue reading When God is All That I Can Hope For…